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Porch awnings

Extend the Life of Your Awning With Essential Care

Your new awning will keep your home cool, thus helping to decrease energy costs. Being made of durable acrylic, it has the ability to last for years. But it will require a certain amount of care. To extend the life of your awning, please follow the care tips below.

Awning Care Tips

  • Keep your awning clear of dirt, leaves, and twigs
  • Regularly clean your awning with mild soap and a hose 
  • When pulling up window awnings, limit water standing in the folds of the fabric
  • Avoid stains by not using a charcoal grill underneath your awning
If you notice any holes or tears, contact Avalon Awning. We offer precision repair work that prevents the damage from worsening.

Your One-Call Awning Company

You can call our team for all of your awning-related needs. In addition to manufacturing and installation, we also offer:
  •  Re-hang and take-down services
  •  Repairs
  •  Winter awning storage
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